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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I *like* my pretend brake!

Lucas is doing much better in his driving, but now he's mad at me. He's gotten a little more comfortable driving and now will speed up too fast or cut corners too sharply. I then have to slam on the pretend brakes located in the passenger footwell. Lucas thinks I use the fake brake way too often - LOL.

I tell him that many times it's either slam a fake brake or scream in abject terror, but he says he's not buying it.

By the time he gets his real license, I may have a hole stomped in the floor and my fingerprints permanently indented in the side door handle. No wonder parents of teenagers have gray hair.

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Fish in Trout Season

Trout season started Saturday! The kids camped out at a nearby stream with their friends and the friends' parents. Michael was the first to catch a trout. He brought it home, but accidentally left it in the back of the truck with his fishing pole, so we threw it away this morning (it was kinda gross).