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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Notre Dame Trip

I spent the last few days at Notre Dame University in Indiana. I interviewed for a manager position there and the campus was beautiful! The people were laid back and so super nice. I stayed at the beautiful Morris Inn on campus Sunday night. When I got up in the morning, I asked the hotel clerk how to get to the IT building. What he told me is "Walk towards the new stadium, turn around until you see Jesus calling the touchdown, then turn right - you can't miss it!"

Believe it or not, the directions were perfect. There is a mural on the library with a picture of Jesus raising his hands towards heaven. Unfortunately, if you sit in the stadium and look over the one goalpost, that's exactly what you see. Not sure how well that was planned, but it's funny in a strange sort of way.

Anyway - I stopped at the bookstore on the way to the airport. I got my kids Notre Dame shirts. And DAD - if you are reading this, Lucas has already decided to wear his ND shirt next time we visit. He's hoping you'll pick on him and debate Penn State vs. ND.... LOL


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blue Angels Crash

I've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to read the news for a couple days. I just logged onto and saw the news about the Blue Angels crash. I remember about 7 years ago, I took my little kids to see the Blue Angels in Fort Worth, TX. We drove up to the airfield, but couldn't even get close to the highway exit due to traffic. So - we passed the exit and saw cars parked on the side of the highway trying to watch it. We followed the pattern and found an open spot to park at. The kids got out and I leaned up against the car to watch. It was amazing. Even though I wasn't real close, I could easily watch all the maneuvers and was just astounded how close those airplans come to each other without crashing. My oldest son also got involved watching the planes - at least the fast ones that did turns. My 3 year old? fuhgettaboitit.... He was chasing grasshoppers in the grass, but he was happy and away from traffic so that was OK.

I really enjoyed the maneuvers the Blue Angels showed to us. Their skill and expertise has remained as one of my favorite memories from our time living in Texas. I'm just so sad that today all did not go well. My heart goes out to the pilots, their friends and their family.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I survived!

OK - I survived the fourth grade trip, although I did have a headache when I got home - LOL. I had four kids in my group, including my son. 3 were boys, 1 was a girl, but she was a total tomboy and could probably beat me in a fight. She was a scrappy little thing. Overall - the ankle-biters did OK, but there were several times during the trip I prayed for valium and self-control. I did learn that no ten year old can actually shut up for any length of time. The noise level was tremendous!

To start off with, I rode the bus for an hour and a half to Harrisburg. On the way there, one little ten year old girl told me that she was so happy her mother broke up with the guy he was dating because he was a d***head! I was stunned, but very calmly looked at her and said, "Good to know!" It was the best response I could come up with on the spur of the moment. What do you say to that???

I got a picture of the kids with the Liberty Bell. What was funny is they had their heads pushed up inside the Liberty Bell. Not exactly picture of the year, but totally representative of the day we had. I actually really like that picture, but as I was taking it, wished I had a heavy metal object to strike against the side -- NOOO -- Just kidding, I banished that thought as soon as it turned up! ha ha

The kids were very good overall and we had lots of fun. Towards the end of the day, as they were giving each other piggy back rides in a museum filled with glass and antiques, one of the boys in the group leaned over to my son and said, "She kinda gets cranky without her coffee!". Kids that age have NO filter between the brain and mouth, nor do they have a volume control. He got the "evil eye" but no head thump from me! Filled with self-control, I smiled and calmly said, "it's time to go downstairs and play with the statue of Ben Franklin." Luckily, the statue is HUGE and the kids had a great time standing between his legs joking about getting peed on.

The best part was later that night when I thanked my son for letting me chaperone his group. I told him I really appreciated spending the time with him and for letting me meet his friends and classmates. He cuddled up next to me gave me a big hug. That was more than worth it.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Birthday to my son

Today is Easter, but it is also my youngest son's birthday. He's now 10 years old. A long time ago, I realized I have no more babies, but now thinking of my youngest being able to drive in 6 years, going to college in 8 years scares me. I can see his physical changes - he looks less like a boy and more like a man on am almost daily basis. Pretty soon - he'll be sprouting hair and his voice will be getting deeper.

He already is starting to like girls - or more accurately tells us that two girls like him. He says he knows the girls like him because they pick on him and hit him with pencils. LOL - too funny.

On the 11th, I get to chaperone the fourth grade field trip and one of the girls will be in my group. If I survive hanging out with the ankle-biters, I'll be sure to write about my experiences.

Happy Easter everyone and Happy Birthday to my Little Man!