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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sorry Maura! The James Buchanon Rockets beat Camp Hill last night 38 to 0!!!! It was great to see our team come together and really work as a team. This was their first win of the season and by having that huge of a win will do wonders for their confidence.

The past few practices where the coach worked on skills made a HUGE difference. It was like watching a totally different team play. The coach's reward was getting the water dumped on him after the game, but after first running away - he laughingly took the honor of getting soaked....

Congratulations to the team. I know they were super-excited and the emotions ran high for players, parents, coaches and cheerleaders.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


School has started and so has football. The house is quiet again and I've been able to get more done during the day. The food magically stays in the 'frig during the day and I am able to keep a bottle of soda for more than 20 minutes before it disappears somewhere! LOL......

Unfortunately, I spend 3 nights per week at football practice and 2 additional days attending games. Of course - my kids don't practice at the same time, so I get there at 3:30 for the first one's practice and at 6:00 I move to my second one's practice. I'm usually there until about 8 or 8:30 and am bored silly by that time! I tried taking along my computer, but couldn't find an available network to login to and the satellite service is lousy.

So - I'm reading, doing crossword puzzles, talking to other parents and even volunteering at the ticket booth so I can harass the young kids coming to games! ha ha - it's fun - especially when I tell one he looks suspicious and I need to see some picture ID - this is especially good when I know they're not 16 yet. They know I'm a parent and look at me wondering if they should take me serious or not. The rent-a-cop and I get good laugh during admission time. Unfortunately, the kids are starting to recognize me and don't take us so seriously anymore. oh well - it was fun while it lasted. However, they now take notes about who we picked on and who we didn't. The ones that get picked on brag about it to their friends and seem to view it as a badge of honor.

Here are some pictures: This is Lucas (number 57). He plays center on offense and usually nose guard on defense. Here - he's waiting for the others to finish up the huddle and move in for the play. The team hasn't won any games yet, but they've got some good players with talent and skill. Unfortunately, many of these are first year players, so they're just now starting to play like a real team and getting the hang of working together.

Here is Michael: He's number 60 - again he plays center for the offensive team, but on defense he plays nose guard or tackle. He really, really wants to play tackle because he likes the thrill of knocking someone down, but his coach likes him in other spots. Their team is AWESOME! They have it together and have some good coaches who push them to do their best. They don't have to win - but they have to work hard. Then - they get rewarded for it.

One last picture for Jeff: Thanks for coming out and spending a week at our house. It looks like we overworked you, but at least you had company sneaking in a nap:

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Unsolved Double Murder in 1975

In going through the genealogy information for my own family, I found that my mother's cousin (her mother's sister's daughter) was murdered in 1975. How I found out was through a newspaper article my grandmother had copied into a book. Here's the story as I know it:

In early November of 1975, my mother's cousin - 37 year old Beverly A. (Morris) Withers was babysitting 4 year old Melanie Gargasz at the Gargasz house in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. Beverly, my mother's cousin, was married and had two daughters. Four year old Little Melanie had a at least a 12 year old sister and a schoolteacher mother.

When Melanie's mother, Marilyn, returned home in the early afternoon, she found both Beverly and Melanie dead, from multiple gunshot wounds to the head. According to the New Castle News report, no weapon was recovered from the scene, but the weapon was considered to be a small-caliber weapon. It has yet to be solved. To my knowledge, no one has been arrested - no one prosecuted and no one held accountable.

Although tempted to leave it alone - after all - I never knew this woman, I moved around a lot and can sometimes barely keep track of my own eyeglasses, I felt compelled to just find out what I could. After all - an innocent little four year old shot to death along with her babysitter, who is just about my own age, got me intrigued. I couldn't seem to stop it.

What I found out is that the Pennsylvania State Police have re-activated the case. Yes - it's still considered cold and yes, the chances that the murderer will be caught and punished are small based upon the percentages, I am still hopeful for a resolution.

The families of a perpetual 4 year old and 37 year old deserve no less.