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Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet Pork Chop

Pork Chop is here - and yes - that's his name! For tonight - he's in the dog cage in the garage, but boy - does he stink. The kids are working hard to get his pig pen ready by tomorrow and they've got a full day's worth of work to do. I think we're actually getting two pigs. One of Lucas' friends isn't allowed to keep a pig, so we're keeping it in our pen. BUT - they're supposed to share the work and take turns feeding and stuff. I just think that his friend's mom is smarter than me! LOL.

Here is a picture of Lucas and his friend Ethan putting in the posts for the pig pen.... Luckily - we had the woods behind our house cleared of old brush. They can put in a pig pen and I won't have to see it from the back porch!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

High School Project!

Lucas has joined Vo-Tech this year. He is still able to take all his pre-college classes but instead of taking chorus or band - he's decided to join in the Ag classes. I was fine with this. I had no problems with it. We live around a lot of farms and he loves helping out with hay and feeding and tinkering with the tractors, so it makes sense. UNTIL....... (ha ha)

I found out he has to do an Ag project this year. His project: raising a pig.....

In my backyard!!!!!!

He's starting to design the pig pen, the feeding trough and is even planning on making a little house to keep Porker (he's pre-named) out of the sun.

He's promised to feed him and water him and take care of him. I'm told I will have to do nothing, although I'm pretty sure I heard that before. The plan is - in December, Porker's going to auction. But - if it doesn't - we may be having a ham for Christmas..... ha ha